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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Salcombe 10 has now been & gone - details will be added soon.
Salcombe Fringe is next in the diary which also coincides with Codsall Beer Festival so look out for details of the forthcoming fight as Kilo tries to persuade Salcombe fringe to move venues after one year !

Thursday, July 17, 2003

It's getting easier for the Salcombe Chaps to get blogging !

Download the latest Beta version of Google's toolbar and you can blog to the site directly without wading through all the password pages....

The Salcombe packs have now been distributed and I seem to be down for taking 'TWO' integral camping tables which is interesting as my new MG hasn't the room for the old one - unless of course anybody else has room for it.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Pleased to have you aboard Rob.

I is planning to attend the south from Tuesday night onwards although I may be in CornyWall on the Wednesday night.
Committee members will be able to add to the committee pages of course - but they'll have to ask me to do it !
The Diary few have not been amended cus individuals or committee members who know who's going have not added the rest and not being on the committee, I do not know who's going.
There are so few blogging due to the complicated way blogging works - just difficult enough to stop Gillian adding to our news on Timbo's behalf. Funnily enough, Timbo knows how to work their hoover.
I am very proud to be the first member of the committee to Blog! Thanks to the latest idiot proof instructions from the Blogmeister. Steve the password for the exclusive committee page is .... very easy to guess I am surprised you haven't managed it! Can committee members add to the committee page or do we have to become a Blogmeister! Two weeks tommorrow before some of us set sail for the 10th gathering. Is anyone else going on Wednesday apart from Steve (I can't access the committee page) Powell?

Monday, July 07, 2003

Where are the st details?
Why are there so few listed as going according to the Diary?
Why do so many people have problems blogging?
Please can a committee member give me the password - I've forgotten it!

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