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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Bugger Off 

You can tell your women to commandeer someone else's weekend - As owner of the weekend I have organised my whole year around the 25th September and expect full attendance.


Still no sign of yard arm etc...

So do we have a gathering on 25 Sept.

My sources tell me the females have now commandeered this weekend...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Who'd of thought it ! 

You all thought I was the shy & retiring type.
Thanks for all the birthday pressies.
Lots of love
p.s. you can use me as much as you want.

Into the 21st Century 

To keep everybody up to date with life in Salcombe10 any additions to the Salcombe Blog page should now come through to all campers who have email. Saves us all checking the site every day to see if Tim has been allowed back on the computer !
Campers who wish to be added or removed from the blogging experience, should contact head office in the usual way.
There's only one 'F' in Kilo

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Update Problem 

Humble apologies to those who have time / can be bothered to read / update the news page. I am blogging from all over the globe (including LLllantrwwwydd Wellls) but it don't give me the time / energy / money / crumpets / availabilitity to update t'website from this location. I do am be located in Whales this weekend and then in Bradfordinium next so. I will be updatering as soon as poss, if Stef allows and will also amend blogs to go to ALL email addresses to annoy those who aint bloggers to get 'emselves sorted so they can at least say 'Leaf us alone'

The Wasp 

and it was all oh so simple in the end...

So how about a bit of updating then. My records show that the ten has long
since past and the Wasp should be reigning supreme. The '10' can come off
the News page I venture, as well!

Don't see the yard arm appearing yet either. Or is it edging slowly toward
the Autumn?

Did anyone attend the fringe?

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Ah ha 

So we finally have Mr Poulton aboard the Good Ship Blog at long last.
Perhaps when Mr Powell returns to Blighty, we can get him sorted as well.

Can I blog 

Am Im blogging??


Just trying to see if I can Blog !

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