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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Well what a wasted weekend ! I had high hopes of doing lots of work on the website however the whole weekend got taken over by sport. November 12th - 13th 2005 should be remembered as one of the most memorable in history. O.K. we didn't win any Olympic medals this weekend or lift any world cups - but........ We did spank the Kiwis at Rugby League, We did spank the Aussies at Rugby Union, We did spank the Argies at Football, We did spank the Pakistanis at Cricket and We did spank Tiger Woods in the golf. Nigel Mansell even won the first ever GP Masters Race in South Africa and Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms beat second seeds Lee Jae-Jin and Lee Hyo-Jung of Korea 15-10 15-10 to take the mixed doubles title at the PICC China Open in Guangzhou.

If Sir Stephen Redgrave was doing anything sporty at the weekend then no doubt he won that too - now where the hell did I put my lottery tickets ???

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